(NAPSI)—Whether you're hosting a game-watching party, a holiday get-together, a birthday, anniversary or any occasion, a little planning and a delicious dip can help it all go smoothly.

Ten Party-Planning Tips

Here are 10 hints that can help:

1. It's OK to overbook: For a large cocktail party, invite 20 percent more people than you think can fit, since only about three out of four invitees actually show up.

2. Make foods you can eat anywhere: Guests should be able to mingle and snack at the same time so stick to finger foods.

3. Get help: Consider hiring a high school student or even a professional to do the cleaning, pass drinks and food, and keep things moving in the kitchen.

4. Arrange the furniture so guests can move easily: Don't worry about not having enough chairs; that will encouraging mingling. Set up a coffee table or sideboard for coffee and dessert.

5. It's a bright idea to decide on the lighting: Low-wattage bulbs or candlelight can create a romantic or convivial mood. Bright lights make it easier to see the person you're talking to.

6. Save time and trouble when it comes to drinks: Have plenty of nonalcohol beverages around and premix the cocktails you want to serve. Place them in pitchers so guests can pour their own.

7. Cool hacks for ice: Add a few drops of food coloring to ice cubes. Put a bit of sliced fruit in your ice trays before freezing or add a hint of juice or lemonade.

8. Keep the crowd moving: Spread out the food over a big space. Putting the same food in several bowls around the room will keep crowds from forming and helps make sure every guest gets what he or she wants.

9. Protect your assets: Tuck away things that could be in the way or easily broken.

10. Help the party take wing with this delightful dip:

Buffalo Wing Dip

¼ cup sour cream

⅓ cup spreadable cream cheese, soft

⅓ cup crumbled blue cheese

¼ cup celery, finely chopped

4 oz. precooked chicken breast, finely chopped

⅓ tsp. hot sauce (Cholula® or Tabasco®)

1 package Crunchmaster® Signature Buttermilk Ranch & Dill Multi-Seed Crackers (4.5 oz.)

In a small mixing bowl, combine sour cream and cream cheese. Blend together well. Mix in crumbled blue cheese and chopped celery. Set aside. Fold hot chicken into the dip. Serve immediately with Crunchmaster Signature Buttermilk Ranch & Dill Multi-Seed Crackers.

The crackers provide a cool, mild contrast to the spicy dip and because they're from Crunchmaster, they have no GMOs, gluten, or artificial colors and flavors. They're low in sugar, free of saturated and trans fats, kosher, and made with wholesome ingredients from trusted sources to fit every healthy lifestyle.

Crunchmaster crackers have a savory taste with the crunch you crave. Their special blend of sesame, quinoa, flax and amaranth seeds is what gives this cracker great crunch, wholesome goodness and superb flavor. So you can feel good about always having a couple of pouches in your kitchen, because everyone in the house will be looking for them.

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